Etching & Stencil Grade Metal Alloys

Etching & Stencil Grade Alloys

Stencil grade metals are ideal when extra fine line etching and laser cutting or small holes and precise fine lines are necessary. These readily machinable materials are typically resistant to corrosion and the high heat of lasers while maintaining a high level of dimensional stability with minimal thermal expansion. National Electronic Alloys offers stencil grade metals in sheets and coils.

Invar: Also called Alloy 36 or Invar 36, Invar is a low expansion alloy whose name is derived from "invariable" because it won't react to thermal expansion. Invar is used predominantly in precision instruments like stencils, fine line etching and laser cutting, as well as scientific instruments, physics laboratory devices and motor valves and military and defense applications.

42 Alloy: Very similar to Invar, 42 Alloy has a slightly different coefficient of thermal expansion. 42 Alloy is well-suited for the lid, lead frames, stencil/etching and aircraft industries. Easily machined and formed hot or cold, 42 Alloy is also used extensively in the medical, electronics and automotive industries.

302, 304, 316 Stainless: Stainless steel alloys resist corrosion, maintain their strength at high temperatures and are easy to maintain. They most commonly include chromium, nickel and molybdenum. Stainless steel alloys are used in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries.