Aircraft & Aerospace Industry Electronic Alloy Applications

Aircraft & Aerospace Industry Electronic Alloy Applications

Aircraft & Aerospace Industry Electronic Alloy Applications

At National Electronic Alloys we provide high quality controlled and low expansion alloy metals that excel in the industries of aircrafts and aeronautics.

ASTM F15 alloy, also know as Kovar, Rodar , Dilver P1, Pernifer 2918, Nilo K, and Alloy 29-17 is a controlled expansion alloy used for high integrity glass and ceramic-to-metal seals, lids, lead frames, and electronic package base. One may find ASTM F15 alloy commonly applied in military and defense, telecommunications, and importantly in the aerospace and electronic industries. National Electronic Alloys high quality Kovar alloy exhibits no phase transformation down to -196°C. This far exceeds the industry standards of -80°C and is the preferred in all aerospace applications.

Invar 36, is a low expansion most often used in applications that require minimal thermal expansion and high dimensional stability. These characteristics are particularly important to industries such as the aircraft and aerospace. Invar 36 applications include the manufacturing of precision instruments such as optical devices, electronics and aircraft tooling as well as stencils through fine line etching and laser cutting.

ASTM F15 Alloy (Kovar) Alloy 36 (Invar) 42 Alloy 47/50 48 & 49 Alloys 302, 304, 316 Stainless

42 Alloy, available in plate sheet and rod, has a slightly different coefficient of thermal expansion than Invar. This deep draw quality alloy is well-suited for lids, lead frames, stencils, and etching in the aircraft industry.

48/49 alloy is used where high initial permeability, maximum permeability, and low core loss is needed. This controlled expansion & shielding alloy is common in industries such as the production of aircraft motors and generators in the aerospace industry.

Another alloy that is commonplace in the aerospace industry is 300 Series Stainless Steel. This stencil grade alloy resist corrosion, maintains its strength at high temperatures, and is easy to maintain.

For more information on controlled expansion, stencil grade and corrosion resistant alloys used in the aerospace and aeronautics industries, please contact us so we can help you choose the right alloy for your application.