Thermal Expansion Alloys, Shielding Alloys and Low Expansion Alloy Industries

National Electronic Alloys Industries Served

Aircraft & Aerospace Industry

Aircraft & Aerospace Industry Electronic Alloy ApplicationsInvar’s Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion has stood the test of time for well over 100 years. Its uses are endless. The Aircraft & Aerospace Industry depends on its low expansion rate for their tooling used in Fuselage construction.

Telecommunications Industry

Alloys Used in the Telecommunications IndustryASTM F15 ALLOY (Kovar) is a major player in the old copper and new Fiber Optic technologies, providing a stable environment for cable connectivity in the Telecommunications Industry.

Stencil/ Etching

Stencil & Etching Industry AlloysToday’s rapidly advancing Etching Industry requires more and more from material used in their applications. Laser Etching is extending the performance boundaries pushing the demand for flatter, fine grain material to handle the need.

Solar Industry Alloys

Solar Industry AlloysNew greener technologies like Solar require a stable platform to house the sensitive glass cells that are subject to the constant change in weather conditions. Read more on how NE Alloys supplies low expansion alloys for solar industry use.

Semiconductor Industry Alloys

Semiconductor Industry AlloysHighly technical applications require the Highest Quality material for optimal performance.

Military & Defense Alloys

Military & Defense AlloysControlled Expansion Alloys, Stencil Grade Alloys and High Temp/Corrosion Resistant Alloys are the popular choice in Military & Defense applications for reliability and stability in extreme conditions.

Machine Shops

Machine Shop Alloy ApplicationsWhether it’s a high production CNC machine shop, Stamping houses or small Ma & Pa shops, NEA offers many materials in many sizes and shapes, along with technical assistance to help our customers successfully achieve a quality part.