Controlled Expansion Alloys Used in the Military & Defense Industry

Alloy Education with NE Alloys – Military and Defense Alloys

At National Electronic Alloys we supply a wide range of controlled expansion, stencil grade, and high tempature corrosion resistant alloys in the military and defense industry. We have listed a few of these alloys below and their uses.

ASTM f15 Alloy (Kovar) Alloy 36 (Invar) Molybdenum

Controlled Expansion Alloys

Controlled Expansion Alloys Used in the Military & Defense Industry

Our ASTM F15 Alloy (Kovar), a controlled expansion alloy exhibits no phase transformation down to -196 degrees Celsius, thus far exceeding the industry standard. This DFARS Compliant alloy is designed with space age technology and expansion characteristics that make it ideal lids, lead frames, and glass to metal seals for the military and defense industry.

Stencil Grade Metals

Another military and defense alloy we offer here at National Electronic Alloys is Alloy 36 (Invar 36), a nickel steel alloy commonly used in applications that require minimal thermal expansion and high dimensional stability. This alloy can also be used as a stencil and etching alloy for applications including but not limited to: fine line etching and laser cutting, manufacturing of optical devices, electronics, scientific instruments, and motor valves.

High Temperature/Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Molybdenum or Moly is used in many applications in the military and defense industry because of its versatility, strength, and toughness. It’s available in coil, sheet, rod, bar, wire, and plate flat stock.

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