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About Us

How Our Insight Makes A Difference

In this industry, experience means a lot. It means an awareness of your needs and objectives that is reflected in everything we do.

Dick Geoffrion's background includes management positions in the procurement of materials and quality control for International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT). For the past three decades he has been involved in supplying materials to the microwave, vacuum tube, hybrid and semiconductor industries.

With this experience from the procurement side, coupled with years on the supply side, Dick Geoffrion gives our company a unique insight into our customer's needs.

Our approach is to anticipate your procurement worries and to provide MORE FEATURES than you ordinarily would expect:


The Leader, We leave the others behind


From Stock, Very rapid action


Competitive, Check it out


Overall, when you evaluate us and our competitors, you'll want what we have to offer

In Stock Metal Alloys at a Competitive Price.