Copper 101 Vs. Copper 102

Copper 101 Vs. Copper 102

Copper 101 is also known as Oxygen Free Electronic, a pure copper with little or no oxygen. During production, copper 101 needs to be created in an oxygen free environment and is the most expensive versus Copper 102.

Copper 102, or better known as Oxygen Free, does not contain a significant amount of oxygen versus the other copper alloys and possesses the highest purity. When working with glass to metal seals, this alloy develops an adherent oxide at extreme temperatures.

Copper 102 is ductile and has high electrical and thermal conductivity. For Copper 102, chemical purity is held in higher regards versus the electrical conductivity for commercial uses. This copper alloy is involved in the speaker wire market, being regarded as having conductivity and electrical characteristics that help enhance audio signals.

Both Copper 101 and Copper 102 are used in the production of semi-conductors, super-conductors, and high-speed vacuums. Check out our Copper 101 & 102 Manufacturing, Machining Properties & Tips page for machinability info.